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California 2012


"I knew my grandma would be waking up and I still wanted him to stay with me so I strangled him… I brought him up to the bedroom and pretended he was still alive."
-Jeffrey Dahmer, talking about one of his victims

Some of the hundreds of love letters I found at an abandoned mansion in Cornwall 2013

Dr. Hannibal Lecter delivered my friends baby

The fact they both shared a pair of gloves is so goddamn poetic fuck they really were bestfriends till the end. Its not like ” oh by the way get a pair of gloves for the day we go out” but ” lets get one pair and we can both wear them on our trigger fingers because your a lefty and i’m a righty and we’re doing this 100% together and its just perfect. “

"I struggle between what I know is right in my own mind, and some warped truthfulness as seen through other people’s eyes who have no heart, and can’t see the difference anyway."
Ian Curtis (Control, 2007)

How the bodies of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were found after the Columbine shootings. 

Blue Pueblo, Medieval Village, Dinan, France

this is what dreams are made of