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The last picture taken of Jim Morrison.


Getting bad again for no reason after you’ve been so happy for a long time is literally one of the worst feelings ever


1 day old baby goat
This precious dear is the offspring of a nanny goat owned by the wife of a man who works for my father

The Haunting Halls of Columbine

Interesting Facts About Charles Manson:
The Beatles- Charles Manson believed there were messages in Beatles music. He used the music as a way to justify his actions. He interpreted their songs as a calling for him. Manson used Beatle lyrics as a part of his “sermons” to the “family”.
The murders- Charles Manson did not commit any of the murders. He played no physical role in actually murdering the victims. He convinced the women involved to commit the murders. Even though Manson did not actually kill anyone, the jury returned a guilty verdict in his case.
Jail time- Charles Manson requested to stay in jail in 1967, long before the murder spree occurred. The legal system could not keep him in prison legally. Officials released Manson.
Parole- Manson has been up for parole 11 times since his conviction. He refused to attend his 11th parole hearing. He has spent more than forty years consecutively in the prison system.
Oldest son- Charles Manson Jr., eldest son of Manson, committed suicide in 1993. He was 37 years old. Little is known about the reason for the suicide.
Mail- Charles Manson receives more mail than any other inmate in history does. It is reported that he receives upwards of 60,000 letters per year.
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